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*Artistic Collaborators will receive $500 in artist fees for performing at the Batalá event.

*Los colaboradores artísticos recibirán $500 en honorarios de artista por actuar en el evento de Batalá.

Houston-based Artistic Collaborators

Capoeira Luanda.jpg

Capoeira Luanda is an international organization dedicated to preserving and practicing the Afro-Brasilian martial art of capoeira. Our capoeira school was founded in 2007 by Mestre Jelon Vieira and specializes in Capoeira Regional Contemporânea, a unique blend of acrobatics, self-defense, and dance. With its roots in the movements of enslaved Afro-Brasilians, capoeira has continued to thrive and evolve over the years. With multiple branches across the United States and worldwide, join us at Capoeira Luanda to experience the beauty and power of this unique martial art.


Luana has been a capoeirista (capoeira practitioner) in Capoeira Luanda since 2011. Batalá and Capoeira Luanda have often performed at the same events, representing Afro-Brasilian cultural arts. Their next scheduled performances will be on August 25th at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences’ World Trekker event featuring Brasil.

Dr. Lindsay Gary (PhD, MFA, MA, MPA) is the Founder and Artistic and Executive Director of Dance Afrikana LLC. Since its inception in 2016, Dance Afrikana’s mission has been to create a world where people of the African Diaspora are empowered and connected through the African dance tradition, and where dancers have the safe space and platform to grow artistically and culturally. Dance Afrikana offers unique programming as the only dance company in the city teaching and offering certain dances of the Diaspora. As such, it is a valuable commodity to the community of Houston and beyond.


Luana and Dr. Lindsay Gary have been longtime artistic colleagues, collaborators and friends. Luana has worked with Dance Afrikana by providing training in Afro-Brasilian movement to the dancers, and the two groups have long dreamed of performing together.

Dance Afrikana
Joy Of Djembe Drumming

The Mission of Joy of Djembe Drumming Ensemble is to promote the joy of drumming through both old and new world music, especially the ancient rhythms of West Africa. Through their modern day approach they educate audience members to the history and importance of traditional drumming in healing, community rituals, spiritual practices and communication. JODD believes that group drumming empowers individuals through a deep connection with self, strengthens communities through common ground and provides a soothing balm to the world by deepening our connection with nature.

Luana met Baba Jebada (founder and master director of JODD) in the summer of 2022. Since then JODD and Batalá have had opportunities to exchange drumming experiences with each other and are looking forward to collaborating in public performances.

Through their performances, Sambabom provides a fusion of various dance styles, while focusing on preserving the roots of the samba carioca. This allows Sambabom to have a unique, yet authentic Brasilian Style. Sambabom also works in close collaboration with live musicians.


Luana has performed with Sambabom as both a dancer and a musician in the past. In 2022 Luana coordinated a performance fusion where she led steps with the Sambabom dancers as she also directed Batalá at the Houston Vegan Vibez Festival.


Tony Paraná (he/him) is a self-taught artist from the state of Bahia, Brasil. Bahia is a state known for its rich colors, flavorful foods, beautiful landscapes, eclectic music and unique Afro-Brasilian traditions. Many of the components are portrayed in Paraná’s work as he captures subject matter ranging from community life to local architecture - all having warmth and vibrant movement. He has been actively involved in the Houston arts community since his arrival to the city in 2007. He has curated art events featuring spoken word poets, artist talks, live music performances, and artist critique sessions, including one held at the HAA Gallery in 2011.


Luana and Paraná have been longtime partners in life and art, and have collaborated on many projects together as performers, event organisers and curators. While Tony is a Batalá member, his contribution here will be as a visual artist in that he will design Batalá’s custom outfits for the public performances.


National and International Collaborators

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