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We are happy to know you are
interested in drumming with us!

To join the band, incoming members are expected to commit to and prioritize attending weekly rehearsals and monthly sectionals:

  • Weekly rehearsals: 10am - 1pm every Sunday.

  • Monthly sectionals: 9am - 10am one Sunday per month (specific Sunday determined  by instrument section).

  • Rehearsals take place in an outdoor or indoor location in central Houston (inside the 610 loop), depending on weather and other logistical factors.

Rehearsals are extremely important for the continued development of each member and the band as a whole as it is where we work on learning and polishing all our music and choreography to sound and look our best as we perform and share samba reggae around Houston, and beyond.

  • Attendance to weekly rehearsals in a consistent, regular fashion is expected with a minimum of 3 out of 4 per month, or 4 out of 5 per month.

  • In the event of needing to miss a rehearsal, prompt communication with musical leadership in advance is expected of all band members.

Gigs tend to happen on the weekends, during the day or evening, with the occasional weekday evening event and are usually booked with more than 2-3 weeks in advance (though there are exceptions to this timeline).

  • All members are expected to prioritize being available for gigs.

  • Prompt responses to gig requests on our internal platforms is expected of all band members

We are all people and understand life's ebbs and flows - things come up! - so being communicative is key to participating in the group.

We believe the expectations outlined above can be met by committing to taking responsibility for our participation in the band in the three following ways:

  1. Members take responsibility for their commitment to being a drummer in a performance-focused community-based group by being a) consistently present, b) work on their musical development, and c) actively communicate with musical leadership about needs, and challenges as they arise, especially when they impact your participation in the band

  2. Members take responsibility for their commitment to engage with the music and culture of Batala and Afro-Brasilian (and Afro-Diasporic in general) from an ongoing place of respect by growing their knowledge of and personal appreciation for the meanings of its dynamic richness, historical and present-day relevance in all of our lives.

  3. Members take responsibility for their commitment to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive space in the band by relating to fellow bandmates, audiences, and any invited guests with care by practicing a) consent, b) cultural humility, c) accountability for their actions.

We hope this information helps clarify the ways in which you will both gain from and contribute to the band! We would love for you to fill out our application form by clicking on the button below.

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